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Welcome to The Vacuum Source. We are here to provide a valuable safety resource to IFR pilots and their passengers. The company was established to offer products and educational items dealing with primary vacuum source failures and how to safely handle these situations. We have been chosen by Precise Flight, Inc. of Bend, Oregon to manufacture and market the legendary Standby Vacuum System V and it's related products. (...more)

Standby Vacuum Systems

The SVS-V is the lowest cost alternate vacuum source on the market today.
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Warning Light Kits
No pilot should fly without a low vacuum warning light. The sooner you are aware, the quicker you can deal with the problem.
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Upgrade Kits
If you need to comply with AD-99-24-10 check here to get your alternative method of compliance kit...(learn more)

Replacement Parts
Everything from switches to placards-everything is in here.

Technical Info
Confused about your installation? Have AD Questions? Check here for all the help you will need.


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